«It's not what you take when you leave this world behind you, It's what you leave behind you when you go.»Randy Travis

Santosh Kalwar Quotes

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«Live in moment, every day is the new beginning of life and every night is the end of life.» — Santosh Kalwar
«Life is Pain so is Love.» — Santosh Kalwar
«No aacomplishments are important than self realization of self satisfaction.» — Santosh Kalwar
«Fun is good but too much of fun has resulted in much kind of unfunny happenings.» — Santosh Kalwar
«Love can bring wisdom, love can change lives, love can create, love can destroy, all we need is love and love is all we need.» — Santosh Kalwar
«Human beings should not judge other lives but they can read others mind to help their pain and sufferings.» — Santosh Kalwar
«Step up and move ahead, life is all about moving on and traveling all along like a bird.» — Santosh Kalwar
«I am nobody, even if I say I am this or that.» — Santosh Kalwar
«Sometimes accepting truth as truth is untruth.» — Santosh Kalwar
«There are no ifs and buts in life. If they exist in life, then we are living in coincidence.» — Santosh Kalwar
«I am dead man alive.» — Santosh Kalwar
«I am not protecting myself or preaching you my story, Reasons will be many but life will move on even in painful journey.» — Santosh Kalwar
«Move on, sky is not limit, wind can touch you, water can dip you, mother will care you, wife will nurture you and above all, oneday you will see your child following, up above the sky; you became a star, twinkling, watching and waiting to come back again, on earth.» — Santosh Kalwar
«One day men will look back and say I had God in me.» — Santosh Kalwar
«Scientific People, unscientific mind; why are we dividing the world which could shine? Between religion and science, all what matters is human lives.» — Santosh Kalwar
«With common purpose comes, a mission and we should use it for far greater objectives, for human lives and to save our future generations.» — Santosh Kalwar
«Dear God, here nobody wants to listen,they don't believe you anymore. Let me come back or help me move forward.» — Santosh Kalwar
«By 20, you should be smart. By 30, you should be strong. By 40, you should be rich. By 50, you should be wise. But if you are smart, strong, rich and wise, you don't need any age limits.» — Santosh Kalwar
«I am the wind which blows, I am the rain which cries, I am the lake which is very deep, I am the love which only likes, I am the sun which smiles, I am nobody, a dark horse trying to climb mountains, with lovable strength deep inside.» — Santosh Kalwar
«Man has been going through three kinds of wars. One is with nature; another is with other people and third is with himself.» — Santosh Kalwar
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