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Santosh Kalwar Quotes

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«Live the way you want to live but try to listen what others have to say too. You can always disagree but try to find what is the alternative of disagreement.» — Santosh Kalwar
«Those who judge others should know how to judge themselves.» — Santosh Kalwar
«Science ask facts and religion ask faith, humans are confused between life and death.» — Santosh Kalwar
«Best way to describe life could be suffering from your past or could just be a moment spend with heart full of satisfaction.» — Santosh Kalwar
«I am dead man alive in love.» — Santosh Kalwar
«There are no tomorrow's and there was no yesterday, what you have now is what you will have.» — Santosh Kalwar
«There is no judgment over love.» — Santosh Kalwar
«There is nothing to writing, all you have to do is sit on the computer and bleed your thoughts.» — Santosh Kalwar
«Individual organ of human brain makes individual decision for working of brain and driving behavior in humans.» — Santosh Kalwar
«People will always give you advice, it is you who should decide either to try them or live with them.» — Santosh Kalwar
«In the race of life, some win and some loose those who win think they are busy and those who loose remain free.» — Santosh Kalwar
«To live a life is to live with struggle because life is to live and to live we struggle.» — Santosh Kalwar
«Your sweet thank-you touches my heart, take my breath away, my only love. This day is only I have got.» — Santosh Kalwar
«We may just need society to work for greater purpose either it is to serve people or to give them the feeling of pleasure for living.» — Santosh Kalwar
«You just need a loving heart and inside your loving heart you are never poor.» — Santosh Kalwar
«For you, I am like a child. For others, I am very wise.» — Santosh Kalwar
«When I write, I bring joy in my readers face In my face, peace and complete happiness But hardly I give any such reflection During those times, I am in pain A Sick person who is insane, mad and dead» — Santosh Kalwar
«Every day is a journey filled with twists and turns. Every day, if you smile, you will feel alive, my son.» — Santosh Kalwar
«We humans do thousand and one thing to impress others and show to the world that we are smart and wise but we tend to forget one very simple thing, there is small child in each one of us which is hungry for our own trust and inspirations.» — Santosh Kalwar
«Step up and move ahead, life is all about moving on and traveling all along like a bird.» — Santosh Kalwar
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