«Those who wait for the right time to act on their life are doing nothing.»Santosh Kalwar

Mary Anne Radmacher Quotes

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«it is (often) the quiet gesture which carries the most significance - the one which suddenly directs the symphony.» — Mary Anne Radmacher
«Lean forward into your life...catch the best bits and the finest wind. Just tip your feathers in flight a wee bit and see how dramatically that small lean can change your life.» — Mary Anne Radmacher
«in the cold you wrap me. in my uncertainty you listen. in all my joys you celebrate. at every turn you meet me with competence and grace. what a fine dance we have together.» — Mary Anne Radmacher
«I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.» — Mary Anne Radmacher
«living eulogy. she danced. she sang. she took. she gave. she loved. she created. she dissented. she enlivened. she saw. she grew. she sweated. she changed. she learned. she laughed. she shed her skin. she bled on the pages of her days, she walked through walls, she lived with intention.» — Mary Anne Radmacher
«at the start of our together you were the prelude to a vast orchestration. at the end of it all you will have been the most profound and enduring music of my life.» — Mary Anne Radmacher
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